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4 Responses to Lee County 4-H

  1. Marsha Pohorelsky says:

    How do we find out when the area 4h clubs meet?

    • Maggie Beasley says:

      There are 8 different clubs in Lee County. Most families select a club based on geographical location or meeting schedule.

      The new 4-H year begins August 15.

  2. Mercedes Bickham says:

    How can I get my daughter involved in 4-H? Is there an age limit?

    • Maggie Beasley says:

      4-H membership begins when the student is in the 3rd grade. Before 3rd grade, members are considered “Clover Kids”. They’re able to participate in Club Meetings, but there’s a limitation as to what competitions/contests in which they can participate.
      Enrollment in Texas 4-H is conducted on-line at: https://texas.4honline.com

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