4-H Scholarships

Lee County 4-H PVA Scholarship

The Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) of Lee County 4-H sponsors scholarships each year.  In order to be eligible to receive a scholarship application, applicant must be:

  • a current, verified 4-H member, enrolled through Texas 4-H OnLine prior to November 1, 2023, in a chartered Lee County 4-H Club, participating and exhibiting in a 4-H Project.  Participating and exhibiting a 4-H project can include but is not limited to: showing livestock or cake at LCJLS, showing livestock at a Major Show, participating at a contest at a Major Show, participating at a District 4-H event or being a member of District Council

  • have been enrolled for a minimum of 2 consecutive years of the 4 high school academic years, as well as the current year

  • have attended a minimum of four (4) club meetings during each enrolled 4-H year (August through May)


4-H Scholarships

The Texas 4-H and Youth Development is committed to assisting young people in having the resources and information to make the right decisions about their future.   To explore the Scholarship and College Support opportunities, visit the Texas 4-H and Youth Development website.     https://texas4hfoundation.org/types-of-scholarships/



Texas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (TEAFCS) has two scholarship opportunities available.  Application deadline is early February.  The TEAFCS Professional Development Scholar-ship is designed to provide financial assistance for members pursuing Post-graduate study.  The Anne Sonner Scholarship is for an undergraduate sophomore or above majoring in a Family and Consumer Sciences related field.  Additional requirements apply.  Please review the TEAFCS Awards Manual for more information. Eligibility requirements and scholarship application are available on-line at:  http://teafcs.tamu.edu/awards/college-scholarships/


To learn of other scholarship opportunities, contact your school’s counselor.


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