Welcome to Lee County

courthouse for webpageLee County was organized on April 14, 1874, from Bastrop, Burleson, Fayette and Washington counties.

Lee County is part of the Austin Colony, Austin’s Little Colony, and Robertson’s Grant (1834-35), later Austin and Williams Grants. The 644 square mile area is an irregularly shaped county divided by the San Antonio Road (Highway 21) with a population of 17,239. Recreation in Lee County includes Lake Somerville State Park, Lexington Pioneer Village, Wendish Museum, many community gatherings, and other historic sites. Also, hunting and fishing are major recreational events.

Agriculture is the leading industry with $30 to $40 million dollars gross sales by agricultural producers. Agricultural enterprises dominating sales in 1998 were beef cattle, hay, nursery crops, horses, swine, corn, peanuts, grain sorghum, pecans, and aquaculture.

Lee County Per Capita Personal Income (PCPI) in 2018 was $46,713. This PCPI ranked 69th in the state.

Lee County, like other Texas counties, is concentrating on growing a strong educational system and developing a strong economy that will prepare its citizens and its children for the 21st century.

County Overview